About our Avocado Boxes

Our process

We inspect and clean, pack and ship our avocados to you within a day of picking all at our grove with as minimal handling as possible.  That is how we insure the premium quality of these gourmet avocados.  With that said, these avocados will need time to ripen in your home, approximately 2 weeks at the beginning of the avocado season and one week towards the end.

Box quantities

In each box, you will find 4 lbs of avocados, avocado count will vary from 6-9 avocados.  

Suggestions on how to manage your box of avocados

4 lbs of avocados seem like a lot to buy at one time, but with proper care and management, these avocados can last you weeks!  We pick these and immediately ship to you 2 day or faster. 

1.  When you receive your box, you will want to open it and check the avocados.  The avocados need to ripen, do not try to cut them open!  

2. You can leave it in the box to ripen with the cover slightly open.  The key to preserving the avocados is to keep them away from moisture and out of direct sunlight.  

3. If you don't plan on using all the avocados from your box within a week, put 2 in the fridge, put 2 on the counter and put 2 in a paper bag with a banana to ripen quicker.  When you are ready to use the avocados take them out of the fridge and ripen on the counter.  If you ripen avocados and decide not to eat them (you're going out of town or family is coming over and you don't have enough to share), just throw them back in the fridge.

Don't worry you don't have to remember all of this, instructions for ripening are included in each box.

How long will this box last me?

We are a family of 7, if I'm making guacamole I will use 1 Large to XLarge avocado for all of us for a meal.  Most of the times there is a little leftover, Edith and I will spread on toast the next day. A box for us will typically last a week, but that's because only Edith, John and I will eat avocados everyday.  I will eat 1/4 XL avocado or 1/2 med avocado as a rule of thumb.

For one person, if you are using avocado as your healthy fat, this box will last you 1-2 weeks.  Example, a typical serving of avocado is 1/3 of a medium avocado.  Our 4 lb box with 9 avocados will give you 27 servings.  If you are eating it at most every meal that's about one week.  If you pace yourself, it can last you 2 weeks.

For a couple, it's up to you to work out the rations.  Most couples find it easiest just to buy 2 boxes, so each person can have their own. 

Other tips:  You may want to hide your avocados for personal reasons, just be careful where you hide them.  Deep in a dark pantry can cause the avocados to ripen faster.  Outside the veggie bin, in the top corner of your fridge can be too cold, which can cause dark spots or have too much moisture, which can lead to mold.