Our Story

Avoha began when we (mom, Candace & dad, Brett) realized that through the process of sharing our avocados with avocado lovers we’d be able teach our daughters how to literally and figuratively put in the work and watch something grow. One of our biggest challenges as parents is raising our daughters to be humble, disciplined, and grateful. We want to get them away from screens and instead, have them climbing trees, playing in the dirt, working together as a family and learning about running a business.

We try to involve our girls as much as possible in Avoha, which is a challenge, as the girls are 5, 9, 10 and 13 still learning the art of listening and execution.  However, there are many jobs to do from making sure the trees are being watered properly and checking for broken sprinklers to clearing branches and raking mulch.  And then, of course, there’s picking and packing the fruit.  The girls are able to help us search for avocados, pick them, clean, sort and assemble boxes.  For us as parents, it’s been about growing our patience and encouraging our girls to do things the right way.  There is nothing more rewarding that seeing the lightbulb go off in a little person’s head.

When we bought our avocado grove and started sharing avocados with family and friends, we were delighted to hear people tell us that they were the best avocados they’d ever tasted and they kept asking us for more. We knew what made them awesome; we watch them grow throughout the year, making sure each tree gets the care it needs.  We only picked each avocado when it was ready to be picked and allowed it to ripen naturally, rather than having the process be slowed down and sped up on a commercial scale, which is what happens to grocery store avocados.  We started with a few fruit stands, selling locally, but word started getting out to family outside of California.  So here we are now, shipping our avocados across the U.S. 

Our Brand

Our name Avoha is a combination of Aloha and avocados.  Aloha to touch on the Hawaiian tradition of showing love through sharing food and making memories with friends and family, something mom Candace is known for, as were her parents and grandparents.  We hope that when you open your box of Avoha Avocados, you feel the aloha that we’ve put into growing these avocados.

Our Family

Candace (Mom) – Born and raised in Hawaii,  Candace then came to the mainland to go to school at the University of Southern California to study Industrial Engineering.  Candace worked in distribution for 10 years, then left the corporate world to stay home and take care of her four girls and now, one son!  Now, while raising the kids, Candace also runs the farm on a day-to-day basis.

Brett (Dad) – Born and raised in Dana Point, California, Brett is the third generation owner of (a different) family business (Microfiber Wholesale), which primarily distributes its products through e-commerce. That businesses model inspired how we distribute avocados. He loves taking the whole family on trips, especially road trips and camping.   

Noelle – Our free spirited 13 year old who loves soccer and recently started cross country.  We've told her that the backyard can be her training ground and to think of hauling avocados as practice.  Noelle’s favorite thing to do with our avocados is to make guacamole and eat tacos. 

Edith – Our sweetheart 10 year old is named after her Hawaiian Great Grandma Edith.  Her favorite avocados related passion (and really, her biggest passion in life) is eating avocados.  Edith starts most mornings by making herself avocado toast and she is always excited when an avocado is finally ripe.

Erin – The honey badger, as we call her, is our feisty, witty, fun, sometimes instigating 9 year old. Erin is a bit of a daredevil and loves climbing the avocado trees.  She also loves all things in nature and has been keeping herself busy with videoing "Nature Documentaries with Erin."  Those videos may eventually make their way on to the internet after some serious editing.

Naomi – Our youngest daughter, Naomi, is 5 now!  This year she'll be taking on more responsibility and helping us search for and pick avocados for as long as we can keep her attention.  At the very least, she will keep us entertained with her jokes.  

John - Our new addition!  After years of raising only girls, we now have a baby boy born in September 2021!  It's been a different experience to say the least and we look forward to showing him the ins and outs of avocado farming too!  John keeps us busy with all his running around and climbing, perfect for hanging out around the farm.  Our daughters are a big help in keeping him busy!