About the Fuerte avocado


The Fuerte avocado is a green, thin skinned avocado.  Creamy texture with a rich, buttery flavor.  When it is ripe, the skin will stay green unlike the Hass avocado, which turns black.  In order to check for ripeness with the Fuerte, you will have to gently press the fruit to check the amount of give.  When you can see a thumbprint left on the skin it is ready!  In my opinion, Fuertes are best served when they are soft, so that you can enjoy its delicate, creamy texture.  And, our Fuertes last forever in avocado time.  Cut one open and don't use all of it?  Just toss it in the fridge in your veggie bin, it'll keep a couple days to a week, no hacks required.  


Our Fuertes range in size from 6 oz. to 16 oz.  Our avocado boxes range in count.  For example, a 9 avocado box will have avocados approximately 7 oz in size, this is comparable to an avocado you will find in the grocery store considered medium to large.  Our 6 box will have avocados that are approximately 10 oz. each.  These are considered extra large/jumbo. 


This avocado comes with interesting history.  It was brought to California by Carl Schmidt in 1911 from Mexico.  Many different avocado varieties were planted in Southern California, but this kind of avocado was the only one to survive the freeze of 1913.  This avocado was named Fuerte, spanish for strong because it survived that harsh winter.  The Fuerte avocado is what started the California Avocado Industry.  Today you will see them in local farm stands or farmers markets as it is a delicate fruit while not easy to transport and keep its integrity.  When the Hass avocado was developed for commercial use, the Fuerte became a pollinator, used to cross pollinate with the Hass trees.  

Our History

Our grove is a 60 year old Fuerte grove with Hass avocado trees planted as pollinators.  Located in Riverside, CA in what is known as the greenbelt, we are hidden among orange groves and other avocado groves.  We have since planted more varieties with the goal of having avocados year round.